Make the Most of Your Life.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

How do we get the most out of our day-to-day life and truly experience life?

One thing that truly gets in our way of experiencing life and propelling ourself forward is FEAR. Fear is false evidence appearing real. In order to get a handle on fear we must become aware when we go into fear mode. When we go into fear mode we feel overwhelmed by all the details, the timeline, and the future. Once we begin to feel overwhelmed we begin to retreat backwards into our comfort zone no matter how uncomfortable it truly has become. When fear takes over we find ways to get out of things that can broaden our horizons because we begin to fear the outcome and feel uncomfortable with the unknown. When we find ourself not following through, not pushing ourself forward, and not being real and authentic in our word, deed, and personality we have allowed fear to permeate our life.
Fear is the one thing that gets in the way of people being who they truly are especially when it comes to personality and presence. Some of us fear being our true self because we worry if people will accept us, will they still like us, and more so will they still love us. We don’t realize that our false self is not propelling us forward, it’s holding us back and keeping us from finding our true calling and our true tribe. In order to find our true self we must let go of our false self and begin to embrace our feelings, thoughts, and values. When we embrace our true self we become comfortable in our own skin, comfortable with whom we truly are and it radiates to all who come into contact.

Once we let go of our false self we begin to stop going through the motions of life. We begin to truly feel throughout every situation in our life. Instead of walking through life half awake we become fully awake to our life, our inner self, and why we are here. When we embark on a deeper understanding we begin to see the things that most people overlook. Those things are the “golden nuggets of life”, life’s nectar, the things that truly matter. The unseen by most is the most profound direction offering symbols that many overlook, these directional symbols help us to determine being on the right track and illuminate a pathway for which the awaken follow. As we begin to see life’s synchronicity, we have stopped, recalibrate, and centered ourself to the divine energy. We stop fast-forwarding through life and we begin to live each moment with respect a love for the moment in time that we will never get back. Instead of hoping for time to race we pray for it to slow down. However we realize the more we get centered the more we experience each moment like a young child. A young child with wonderment and love in their heart that feels the ground beneath their feet, smells the air they breathe, and moves with the flow of life. With this way of life we are present and being present is the greatest gift we can give ourself.

Being present is a way of life that allows us to live in the moment not the past and not in the future. It is the elixir of life that keeps us young, on point, and in our heart. We are no longer on the sidelines of life, we are in life, loving, learning, and being. One last thing I want to leave you with today, remember, this moment won’t ever happen again. Thank you for being in the moment with me. 🙂

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