Control the EGO and Begin to Live an Authentic and Transparent Life [Ep.570]

Is your ego driving your life? We may not realize that our ego has taken charge and in order to “see it,” we must understand the symptoms of an overworked ego. Once we realize what our ego is doing to our lives​, we understand in order to get the most out of our life, we must quiet the ego. Truth, honesty, transparency, and authentic living only comes from an egoless life, and this egoless life is fulfilling when it is allowed into a person’s life. Until I let go of my ego, I was worried about what others thought about me, worried about impressing or not impressing and scared I wasn’t perfect. Once I let go of my ego, I felt new freedom I’d never experienced and I was able to be the real me and I fell in love with it. Stop playing the part of you and start being you.

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