USA Radio Networks Discussing What you Hear is Different from What they Said, Are you Gaslighting Yourself? 4-25-20

What we hear is usually different than what was said. We tend to want to hear certain things and color what people said with that desire. To some degree, it is based on what we want, what we expect, and sometimes, on the other hand, someone is manipulating us to believe their agenda, to make us act or feel a specific way, and or to make us feel compelled to do something specific. In this show I will discuss gaslighting, self-manipulation, and understanding our own thoughts to see why we hear things the way we do. Dan Nelson our LYTL geologist joins me to discuss an old story about the way our world once was, the absence of women’s rights, and how some people can break the law no matter what. Liz London, our sound alchemist joins us to discuss the power of the sigh breathe and the use of humming to calm our nerves and to center our energy. At the end of the hour, I offer you specific ways of hearing things clearly and understanding your mind. Remember our brain is one of our organs, it is not us and you can control it like anything else.

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