You know the answers, to find them, you must ask the right questions.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

imagesAs we walk through this world, we see and we don’t see. We see what we want to see, what we don’t want to see, what’s in our headspace, and what monopolizes our mind. We see the hurt if we fixate on hurt, we see joy if we focus on joy. We sustain our beliefs by seeing forms of the beliefs we have. We bring to us more of what we want whether “good” or “bad.” We create our own world, manufactured from what we believe, our perception of life, that is masked by our upbringing, childhood, and our past. Our past is a different animal different from all because we can go backwards into it by thinking, by remembering the past. However, we forget or don’t realize every time we go backwards we recreate what we think we remember. Remembering and reliving are two different things, one can not happen again while the other can be conjured on a moments notice however, facts have not been checked.

Our perception of our self is a tricky one. It’s made up of comments, things others said about us, our own deepest wounds, and all based on what we think we “should” be. Daily media intake takes us into another world, a world where we are not as good, need help, and look for approval. Social media heightens the feeling of being needy, less worthy, and until we break the spell we will feel like it forever. “The Spell” is powerful, it takes people away from doing what is good, right, and reasonable for them self. It moves us from progress and happiness to a place of need and unfulfilled desires. We feel lost, empty in need of validation, not by us but by everyone around us. We don’t listen to ourself, our inner voice, because we never have because it’s easier to tune it out. It’s easy to drown our voice in alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication, why not, everyone’s doing it…

When you take a step back you begin to see “The Spell.” Many are under the spell everyday all day and have no idea they are. They look to the outside for answers, asking others how to live, what to be, and how to act. They ask in a form of watching others and make decisions from afar based on popularity. How many likes they have on Facebook or how many followers on Twitter. Instagram is another contest of popularity that if used improperly can manufacture a deeper-seated spell that overcomes the senses and leaves one feeling vanquish of life and love. Even the most secure person can fall insecure by watching another’s life, family, beautiful kids, new car, or home. We see a selfie, the person looks amazing and we begin to judge ourself based on the picture. We aren’t knowledgeable of the number of takes it took for that perfect shot. The selfie that took a day to shoot, with the right everything, is the one we judge our self against. That same selfie others rate themselves against hoping for that amazing bone structure, the look, the hair, the body, and the list goes on.

Many only speculate on what I am about to tell you. Many have an idea, think something may be, and hope perhaps there is more than meets the eye. Yes there is! The eyes are interesting organs, they work to see what we want to see. What we want to see is very different for many. Many of us are programmed, under the spell, we see others having everything, doing better than we, and their life looks so much better. We wonder what is wrong with us and what do we have to do to get what the other person has. We judge ourself against others and pray one day we get what they have not knowing what they are going through. We overlook depression, anger, sadness, and the list goes on. We see what we want to see. What about switching our gaze away from the spell, into the authentic realm. We have been placed here for a reason, do you know that reason? Do you know that reason personally?
The reason is personal for every single person, does everyone realize their is a reason? No. Is it worth pursing? Yes, your life depends on it…Are you ready to throw off life’s shackles and merge into the ether? Are you ready to pursue you, understanding you and getting to the bottom of life’s mysteries? Begin to unshackle yourself by breaking the spell. Turn off what doesn’t benefit you. Anything that makes you feel lessor than is a no-no. Surround yourself with people who love you and don’t make you feel bad. Be sure too, you feel good about you, you don’t make yourself feel bad and you realize the value of your life. It’s up to you. Begin to see life from a new perspective. Get past your past, and move into the moment. Different from the past, the moment is beautiful, ready, and all you have. When we act from a place of true power in the actual moment to properly use positive power we change our life forever.

There’s more to life than meets the eye, you know it, just a simple reminder to get you into the moment and back to your genius. You know the answers, allow yourself to ask the right questions…

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