Where did all the time go?

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Lets get started…Where to start is an interesting concept…The best place is with the present and go from here.  In the present moment, I am writing this blog entry.  What are you doing in this present moment?  Hopefully, since you are reading this, you reply in your head with, reading your blog Ashley and why are you asking me this stupid question?  I’m posing this question because it’s an insight into where you are and where your mind is.  If indeed, you are reading and taking in this blog, you are exactly where you want to be.  If your answer is: I’m trying to read this blog and thinking about the argument I had earlier with my spouse, then that is an interesting answer.  We’ve all driven to work and not paid one bit of attention to the actual driving process.  Instead of being in the present and experiencing all that it has to offer we tend to focus on something that happened in the past, either the immediate past or distant past or we focus on the future, and what could happen.  Both the past and the future are not available to us.  In order for the past to be available to us, we would be able to change the past, to actually go into the past and rearrange and change outcomes, and unfortunately we realize that truly can’t be accomplished.  The future hasn’t been written yet, so what we do in the present directly correlates with our future.  If we tend to daydream more than accomplish things, our future might not be as wonderful as it could be.  If we don’t live in the present, we miss the present all together.
We’ve all heard from friends and family that they feel the days are getting shorter and that time is moving faster…I have even thought that from time to time and tried believing it.  After putting much thought into this subject, the obvious reason for the time going by so quickly is not that it’s actually flying by faster but because we aren’t enjoying and spending time in the present.  Technology has taken many of us out of the present because we are on our cell phones all the time, maybe not making calls but texting, instant messaging, and emailing.  How many times have you been out with a friend for dinner and they are always on their phone?  How does that make you feel?  Better yet, how much time did you actually spend with that person?

In order to get the most out of life and experience all life has to offer, one must live in the present moment.  Every minute of our day, no matter how mundane it might feel, is special and gives us experiences to learn.  When you stop living in the present you stop living.  A person cannot live on the past and future alone.


Tip:  Next time you go out with friends, spouse, or girl/boy-friend, turn the phone on silence and if you are extra tempted to use it, leave it in your car or at home.

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