What would God do?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Perhaps there’s more to the story, perhaps we are spirit beings on Earth living a life in a human body…What if, go with me on this, what if our memories were erased and we are put here to learn how to be loving and caring spirits in a body…We are on a planet with all different races, creeds, colors, etc. Our first inclination is to see people as different and outside of ourself, our first thought is to see the differences not the similarities. We go through our life building up walls to separate us from others. We build mental walls, we build emotional walls we actually build structural walls to keep others out. However, we don’t realize the walls are being built within ourself. With every separation we separate from our heart, some call it the soul, the life-force.

We move through life with great detachment, feeling detached, different, and depressed. Looking for that new thing, that new lust, that new distraction…We look for distractions because we haven’t realized our value, because remember, we forgot, because our memory has been erased. We think we’re just here for no reason, doing nothing, and eventually we die…What a scary view that many of us try to escape from. We may use drugs, alcohol, sex, etc., to numb our feelings of sadness, feeling lost, feeling as though we don’t belong. However what if no one belonged? 

It’s like everyone being thrown into the same place, no one from here, and everyone trying to figure out how we got here, why are we here, and what are we supposed to learn…The meaning of life has been the biggest thing pondered since the beginning of time. We have millions of books on the subject, several religions that have there take on it, prayer, mediation, spiritual treks, mediation journeys, and the list goes on. I have been to church, read those books, did those spiritual treks and learned a lot. One thing I learned is that there may be no wrong answer, perhaps our mind’s eye is all that stands in the way of our true reality. Perhaps what is in the heart should outweigh the mind and the heart will guide the way. Often people only think of the heart as in terms of romantic love which is far from what the heart does, what it wants, and “who” it is. The heart is at the helm of the spiritual ship, once we realize that unconditional love is the way to our reality. It’s not about romantic love with one person it is the love of all people and animals. When we accept that it’s not based on conditions, what you do for me, what you did for me lately, you realize that love is the thing that is the constant. We are loving beings, and the interesting thing is that love is what fuels our “being” inside. 

Often we may feel that someone has done us wrong, and maybe they have, however we must figure out how to love them because if we don’t we don’t love a part of ourself. Let me explain, when we hold back love we hold back love within us somehow because no matter how that person is acting out on this planet, they are still bound to us spiritually on a different plane. Many people are still asleep, asleep to why we are here, not realizing the true value of the experience until death takes them. 

Death bed regret is far too common on this planet, it’s like the person finally realizes with the help of calmness, seeing things clearly and imminence of death, that their was way more to this life. I ask you to begin to see the value of your life now before time moves by and you are left wishing for more time. Every moment of every day is valuable, the way we live minute to minute is beyond important. We are given an opportunity that is divine, what if we are divine too? You look toward God for answers and pray to be like him or her, why aren’t you already like him or her? Isn’t it interesting, if you were made by a God, wouldn’t God have used himself/herself/itself to create you meaning you have the God gene, the God particle, the thing that makes you divine…Why don’t we realize this and act accordingly? 

When I ask that, I mean if you are divine, why don’t you treat yourself divinely? Why don’t you hold yourself high and do what is right for you and all around you? Wouldn’t you pride yourself on being the best person you can be, the best spirit God and do what you’ve done forever in this new body?

Are you ready to be everything to yourself? Are you ready to stop the denial and see your truth or is it more comfortable to stay asleep? When we’re asleep we feel as though things are happening to us, the world is happening around us, and there is nothing more than I can see with my two Earthly eyes. That’s a simple and bleak outlook that keeps us from going deep into our true self. We stay shallow to avoid the fear to avoid the shame of what we’ve been doing by squandering our life. How have you been squandering your life? How do you wish to change that? You still have time, if you are reading this you still have time. Can you begin to see your glory, your true light, and to live in light and love? Can you walk into the light always, forgiving others, forgiving yourself, and creating a spirit life here on Earth, are you ready to wake up?

Being awake is powerful and in the beginning it may be tougher than being asleep. There’s a lot of peaceful warriorness that must be adhered too. There’s taking the “higher” ground and their is forgiveness and selfless acts of kindness. In the beginning it feels like you are going out of your way, that you are having to do all of this to “be” right and help others. These acts of kindness may feel like chores, they may feel contrived but eventually they become your new way of life. With every good deed, and with more and more, and no need for recognition you get calmer, happier, more grateful, and more comfortable in your own skin. As you awaken into you, you become more “educated” on the ways of the world, the universe, the galaxy, and you. You begin to realize no one is separate no matter how they are acting. The more unawake a person the more they act out, causing pain to others, and not seeing their part. They cause pain, hurt others and they hurt them self. They do this because they don’t love them self. They don’t know to love them self. They feel isolated and confused by why they are here. They feel left here to their own devises and upset with the system.

As we allow our fellow sisters and brothers to live their chosen life, to awaken or stay asleep, we must still find the love, show them unconditional love and realize they haven’t allowed them self to see their truth. If someone doesn’t know their own truth, they can’t begin to understand your truth. You can help them but only if they ask. Often we try and save others and this becomes the greatest distraction of our lives. We find others to distract us, to take us off our course, others to put our energy into, instead of ourself. We owe ourself the time, the energy, and the love. We come in this world on our own and leave on our own, scary and enlightening to me. That means that the most important relationship we will ever have is with ourself. Wow…Ever thought about that? Many of us don’t care about ourself, we do everything for everyone else, and leave nothing for ourself.We run from ourself, jumping into relationship after relationship so we’re not alone.We are scared to be in a room by ourself, what may we learn, what information may come? It’s up to us, to uncover the great secret, the miracle of whom we are. We owe it to ourself. We are great beings with great things to do, how do we live that out on planet Earth, and how do we be all we can be?

It’s your time, your moment, your choice. You can choose to see the world as a limiting place, a place where their is no spiritual beings, no God, no miracles, and stay asleep. Ignorance is bliss or is it? Or you can awaken from your slumber and jump in head first into your life, in this body, and transform it for the best. When we choose to awaken there will be some cleaning up to do, some vices to get rid of, some self love to be administered, and some heartfelt apologies to be made to others and yourself. This period of time will pass and you will look back in a year and love your life and not recognize yourself before your awakening. As you grow and learn you will make movements of leaps and bounds. You will learn things in days that may have taken years. 

You will be awake, woke, and alive. You will be a testimony to all who meet you, to all who know you, and more importantly to yourself. As we get closer to the truth, we get closer to God, which means we are closer to ourself. Think about it, if God made us from God, isn’t their God in us, doesn’t that mean we are God? We are all God living, we are living out a part of God, in our own body, God on Earth, part of the one, not separate, and not alone. Think about it, let it sink in and connect with your heart and your lost memory of who you are. How would God act? What would God do? What would Jesus do? We are sons and daughters of God, Jesus was too, so do you think Jesus was laying asleep, no, he awoke to his truth and became the poster boy, the one who did it. You can do it to, you just have to believe and realize you have that within you. It’s not a gift that is bestowed to only a select few. This gift is given to all,  with free-will to do what we want with it. Are you prepared, with the power you have, are you prepared to weld your power in a loving and caring way? Are you ready to be the change in the world that the world needs now more than ever? Are you ready to see through the distractions of our daily life? Can you wipe the cobwebs from your heart and realize the power of your heart? It’s all up to you. You hold the key to your life…

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