What does New Year’s Eve mean?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

NYE meaningNew Year’s Eve is the best and worst day of the year for many people. Some find the day and night amazing and chase after the best parties. Others feel it’s overrated and doesn’t matter. Whether you’re pro-New Year’s Eve or anti-New Year’s Eve, you’ve got to determine what NYE means to you. Your friends and family have their own ideas on what NYE means to them but they don’t matter in this discussion. You must decide you own viewpoint and how you feel based on the magnitude and energy you place on this specific day.


What does NYE mean to you?
1.It means the ending of a (blank) year. You fill in the blank. Was it a great year or an awful year for you?
2.It means looking at the entire year and the culmination of your ventures and work that you’ve accomplished.
3.It means another year older and closer to the end. (A little doomsday, but it is the truth to a degree.)
4.It means time is flying by and there’s nothing we can do to slow it down. Think about the people you spend last NYE with…When was the last time you hung out with them? One of the people, I haven’t seen since 12-31-12.

When you realize what NYE honestly means to you, you are able to decide the value and strength you give to it.

Whether you spend NYE with fireworks or curled up in front of your fireplace, you have chosen wisely and will do yourself a great service by following your truest wishes.

NYE meaning


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