The life path you have created and the changes that will take place with your friends.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

The life path you have created and the changes that will take place with your friends.The life path you have created and the changes that will take place with your friends.

Your life is filled with friends.  These friends can last for a long time or a very short time.  As we go through internal changes, the friends we have can change.  Sometimes the changes that take place within your friend circle can be overwhelming.  Some people may have heard of the shifting effect.  The shifting effect is when you begin to take a clear stand in your life that defines you and sets you on the life path you plan to take.  When we create an original life path, we separate our self from others whom have not created a life path.  This happens by our own physical doing and sometimes outside of our personal doing.  The world is constantly evolving and people are constantly growing while others are stagnating.


When you created your life path and subsequently, your life plan, you began the journey to attain that which you desire, this adherence to your plan moves you to a higher vibrational level.  With your move to a higher vibrational level, you leave the level that is accompanied by the people with no plan.  Within your life, you will have friends that have no life plan and are still good friends to you and care about you and a small few will continue to move in and out of your life, year after year.  For the most part, if you have a true plan and you are truly sticking to it, rarely will someone truly be able to hang with you that don’t.  Progress and desire go hand and hand and when affixed to a positive life plan, create a higher more concentrated vibration.  Due to schedules and responsibilities you won’t have the same amount of time you previously had to shoot the breeze.  Your life begins to morph into a conscious hourly effort to effectively attain your life goals.  The other ‘friends’ that you will move away from are the people who only care about themselves.


Once you have created your life path and are clearly operating on your life plan daily, those people who are all about themselves, in your life, will begin to disappear.  When it comes to your old friends, you will want to spend time with them and occasionally you will, but you have to adhere to your responsibilities.  In the case of the self-absorbed people in your life, they will disappear by your conscious doing.  For the first time, you are realizing who they truly are by their actions and words.  Since you have known these people, you have subconsciously known who and what they are but you chose to not see it or act upon it.  With your true life path and plan comes true consciousness where you see clearly and honestly for the first time these people in question.  These particular people are usually the most difficult to understand and please.  They are difficult because they don’t know what they want, therefore how can you?  They tend to be insecure and act out on their insecurities in ways that others around them internalize, but they forget or don’t consciously realize they are doing anything of the sort.


In the beginning of creating your life path these changes will not be taking place at such a rate you would really notice.  With true onset of your plan, you will see others for whom they truly are by their own words and actions.  You begin to pay close attention to what people say, what they do, and even what they text you.  If you are being a true and conscious person, you will realize that some of these people aren’t your true friends and the cleaning out of your circle of friends should commence.  Anyone can have lots of acquaintances, just remember who your acquaintances are and who are real and true friends.  As your life plan takes permanent shape, you will begin to shed the self-absorbed and self-centered by your own power and drive and the others will move on without your push, only due to the change in your vibration and the change in your actions.


You have the power to make the change you want to see in the world and in your own life.  Very few people, before they die say, “I wish, I would have spent more time at the clubs and bars.”  On this path, you prioritize your life beginning with what matters the most to you.  Do what you love to do and act on what is right.  Fight injustice and realize that others are looking up to you, even if you don’t realize it.  Take time and look around, you will find that some of your acquaintances would make excellent friends.  In a step forward, you know what you like to do whether it’s going to workout, rock climbing, biking, art speculation, beer tasting, restaurant hunting, etc.  When you do what you like, others that like to the same will be there and doing it too.  This life is your canvas…Paint it up and make it brilliant!

The life path you have created and the changes that will take place with your friends.

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