The 4 Tips to Stop Overcommitting

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Ashley Berges gives you the tools to stop overcommitting yourself and your schedule

Do you find you are constantly overcommitting yourself and your schedule?  Does it seem after you agree to do something, you’re either falling behind with your own responsibilities, you’re getting angry with yourself for agreeing to do it, and/or you’re stressed about having to do what you haphazardly agreed to do?  If this happens to you, don’t get mad instead get YOU and get started now!


I’m giving you, the 4 tips to put a stop to over committing now:


  1. Ask Questions!  When someone asks for help on a project, to take them somewhere/pick them up, to help them move, and/or to volunteer your time and talent to a cause, be sure to ask important questions to receive all the information you need, to know what is needed, and what is required by you.  *Get the scoop to not feel like poop:)
  2. Write down all of your commitments and look at your list daily. Take an accurate inventory of all your commitments, responsibilities, and projects you have on your plate and by doing this daily-when you feel the urge to take on something else, or when someone asks you for help, you will honestly and truly know if you can take it on or not.
  3. Don’t just agree to make someone else happy for the moment.  When you agree to do something you would rather not do or don’t have the time for, in order to make someone happy for the moment, you will only get pissed off and others too.  Most of us agree to do things at the time because we don’t want to make the other person unhappy or we don’t want to deal with confrontation.  In both cases, you are only pushing confrontation out to another day in the NEAR future.    When you do say yes and later regret your decision, you resort to blowing off the commitment, avoiding the person that asked you, and avoiding their calls, texts, or emails.  It sucks when you get messages on your voicemail from calls you have avoided asking if you had performed actions you haven’t, with a situation you never wanted to be a part of, or didn’t have the time to take on the project properly in the first place.
  4. Say yes when you want to!  If you seriously like participating and want to take this on, that’s wonderful!  If you do not don’t, because it will directly show in your work and actions and that doesn’t help anyone!  Your passion always shines through and so does your dislike and your boredom.  Ashley Berges gives the tools for success



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