Stop Living on the Sidelines of Life, get back in the Game

This post was written by Rhonda Wasserman

Original content by Ashley Berges

Does it feel as if you are living on the sidelines of your own life? Your life seems to feel like you are watching a sporting event from the sidelines, watching other people play while life passes you by.

There are many situations where you may find yourself on the sidelines of life. During these times it feels like we are not living our own lives.

The first place we may find ourselves on the sidelines is when we look at social media without having a purpose for our visit. It takes up our time and our mind space. We look at people’s pictures, vacations, new cars, and children. When we find ourselves doing this;

  1. No longer in our own life
  2. We are no longer being mindful
  3. Not living in the moment
  4. We are not on purpose
  5. We compare ourselves to others

While we are on social media, we often compare our reality, to the pictures and posts by others. Often, the things we see can be seem amazing which makes the comparison even more difficult for us. Not only are we living on the sidelines, but we are also being negative about ourselves by comparing our lives to the posts others have made on social media.

Sometimes we judge ourselves based on what we see on social media without purpose. We can also judge other folks based on this practice. When we judge someone else, we are most definitely on the sidelines of life. We are not thinking about our lives, we are just judging someone else’s life.

Another indication of living on the sidelines is listening to gossip. When we hear gossip, we often put our lives on pause just to hear about what someone else is doing. The drama, and the gossip are both examples of things that put us on the sidelines of our own life. When we gossip about other people, we are talking about what is going on in their lives, leading us to judge them. Most likely this is done because it is the way we were taught our whole lives. We learned it from our upbringing, and what we observed others doing.

Additionally, watching reality shows is another example of an activity that puts us on the sidelines of life. Reality shows are all about watching someone else live their life. We watch both the positive and negative experiences they have. This causes us to be on the sidelines of our lives while we watch someone else live their more exciting life.

It is important to identify side-line living to stop it from happening to us. We have learned that sideline living takes us off our purpose and takes us out of our own lives. We should be spending our time making changes and doing the best we can with our own lives. The two most important things we have are our health and the time we have on this planet. Use your time wisely and get off the sidelines and get in the game.

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