Start living in your joy today by focusing on what works.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Focus on what works NOT what hurts. Begin living in your joy today by focusing on what works.

Start living in your joy today by focusing on what works.

Refocusing your mind on a minute-to-minute basis to see and focus on what’s working in your life instead of what is hurting or not working, you begin to create a positive and successful life path.  Life is what you make of it.  By using words such as: rough, difficult, trying, upsetting, disappointing, awful, bad, crummy, your view of the world and your life isn’t going to be any better than the words you use to describe it.  For example:  If a person asks you, “How is your week going?”  And your response is, “I’m barely getting by.  Life is so difficult, and I’m just trying to keep my feet on the ground.”

Wow!  That’s rough.  Your life is so “bad” that you can barely stand.  You can’t even begin to thrive because you are barely getting by.  It’s hard to be successful and happy when you are barely getting by.  Instead of wallowing in the negative self-talk, change your talk and change the way you act about it.

Start living in your joy today by focusing on what works.You are taught at a young age to not be in your joy.  What I mean is, it’s more common and “correct” to be tired and barely getting by than to be joyful and blessed.  That’s our internal misconception.  When you realize you deserve to be happy, you begin to wonder why you’ve been complacent with the opposite.  I’ve been a victim of upbringing and society as well.  You are told by your parents, church, and family that you should feel a certain guilt if you have nice stuff, a good career, and/or a loving marriage.  We feel that our friends may judge or stop liking us if we show our happiness and joy.

You’ve held back so long on showing your joy, it’s difficult to feel joy and happiness without finding something to whine or argue about.  When things are good in your life instead of living in your joy you begin to find things to nit-pick.  It begins with gossiping; finding dismay in anything or everything, and/or getting angry about the way someone says something or how they treat you.  You harp on the itty-bitty (meaningless) stuff because you’re programmed to not live in your joy.


How to begin living in your JOY:  Start living in your joy today by focusing on what works.

1.  Leave your expectations at the door.  When you walk into a new experience or any experience for that matter, leave your expectations out of the equation.  When we allow things to be we reap the best rewards.    

2.  Don’t worry be happy.  Worrying is another way to stay out of your joy.  If you can do something about the situation you are currently worrying about, take care of it now!  If you have no control, you are worrying for nothing.  Your worrying will contribute more harm to both you and the situation.

3.  Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right.  If everyone you know is having a pity party, get up and move on.  Pity parties aren’t pretty and get you nowhere.

4.  You deserve and are allowed to be happy and in your joy.  The sooner you understand & implement, the sooner your happiness and joy will be a constant. 🙂



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