Regret: How does it feel? (continued)

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Technique #2:  Don’t lose out like last time, so jump in head first to anything.


Many people use this technique because they don’t want to be on this side of regret so they jump into anything and everything without doing their homework.  Not wanting to feel regret is understandable but jumping into situations without doing due diligence is not practical and smart.  Often in the need to not miss out again, people make illogical decisions and suffer more regret because they didn’t research the situation clearly and ultimately put themselves in unpleasant situations.  Most humans have jumped into something without thinking for one reason or another.  We tend to want to believe even when something sounds too good to be true.  When you are closely acquainted with regret, you tend to jump without looking. Realize that not every opportunity that comes your way is a good opportunity.  Take your time to accurately evaluate the situation and decide if you want to be a part of it.  The more you are educated on a situation the more you can make a proper decision that will ultimately create happiness in your life.  (You are thinking positively and putting yourself out there, all you need is to do your homework/research and make an educated decision.)


Technique #3:  Appreciating what you have learned from regret and positively moving on.


When we learn from regret, we turn a rather negative situation into a positive life lesson and use that learning curve to inspire and co-create new opportunities.  Look at the regrets that you are currently holding on to.  What are they?  Think about each missed opportunity and examine it from a learning perspective.  What did I learn from this situation?  How can I be better equipped next time?  What should I have done differently?  Once you examine each regret by finding the lesion or lesions within each, you can then begin to let them go and open your self up to new opportunities and solid happiness.

(Once you let go of the things that no longer serve you, you are then open to the things that do!)

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      I am so pleased to hear that! Inspiration is a beautiful action and I am happy to have played a role.