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This post was written by Ashley Berges

Are you experiencing roadblocks in your life? jump the hump

The 5 secrets to eliminating roadblocks from your life.

You will experience two types of roadblocks in your life. The first type are self-created, these are the roadblocks we  create for our self to stop ourselves. The second  type of roadblocks created for you by outside sources. Whether the roadblocks are self-imposed or provided by outside sources, they will still rake havoc on your daily life.

Throughout your life, you will come into direct contact with a roadblock of massive proportion. This particular roadblock is inherently overwhelming and forces you to question everything in your life. The massive roadblock is called the hump and you must jump the hump to move on positively with your life.

Personal story: For the last five years, I wouldn’t get my own office. I always wanted to office with others and every time the situation arose to get my own office, I would find another person or company to move in with. Just recently I needed to move out of my shared office space because they were expanding there business and they needed all the space they could get. Meaning: I needed to give up my space so they could use it.

I understood and was given a month to figure something out. After a month, I was nowhere closer to finding an office than I was at the beginning of the month. Determined not to rush things, I found a co-working office and began going there to work. Problems sprouted up daily, whether it was slow internet connections , non-existant internet, too chilly in the office, no where to sit, or the fact there was only one large window and the desks near it were always taken. When the parking became a problem I still fought to stay. Realizing the writing on the wall I decided to begin looking again for office space.

A friend of mine wanted to share an office together and I was all for it. Each office space he found, we would travel up to see them together. Unfortunately, the options were too far from where I live and would require an hour travel time each morning. However, I thought at least someone will be sharing the office with me. As the months went by, every office we saw continued to be just as far away as the first one we viewed together.

Noticing some nice spaces near the co-working office, I told him about them and he seemed interested and enthusiastic about the possibilities  I found realtor to help me and after one day we found two neat spaces. Directly after the realtor and I viewed the spaces, I sent him the layouts and pictures of both. After his initial excitement, he changed his mind and decided it was too far for him. The bells went off in my head and I knew I needed to find my own space, but finding my own space would take me out of my comfort zone.

I caught myself asking several friends if they wanted to get an office with me. Most of my friends would say yes but I knew in my heart I had to do it on my own. I sit in my chair, at my desk, typing this blog for you to know I jumped the hump. I found a place, my own place, and I love it. The anxiety didn’t arise from the office alone it emerged from my thoughts of success and failure, financial considerations, and my feelings of unworthiness.  Everyone has an issue that when explained to others seems overblown but its not just the superficial aspect of the issue, it’s your feelings inside that govern how you feel and the hump you must jump.

The 5 secrets to eliminating roadblocks from your life: eliminate roadblocks from your life

What’s holding you back?

1. Begin by identifying what’s exactly holding you back. Are you holding yourself back or is another person or outside force putting the hump in your way? *This is extremely important because it allows for you to take the next appropriate action. If you don’t know where the hump came from, you can’t begin to jump the hump.

2. If you’re experiencing stress or you’re confused on your next life move, you’re in a holding pattern.

3. If you’re avoiding your future and putting yourself on the back burner you’ve created your own road hump.

4. Is everyone and everything more important than your future? We usually consciously don’t think this as truth, however we do things or don’t do things in our lives because we unconsciously feel inferior, less than, and just not worthy. This is directly related to finding inner peace and purpose in your life.

5. The next time something seems overwhelming and it’s not a huge undertaking, remember my office example, realize you are dealing with more factors than the obvious. Once you realize what other factors exist, you can then begin peeling those back and fixing the situation from the inside out!

jump the hump

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