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written by: Guadalupe James

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to turn the thing they love into a profitable venture? In our free time, we often engage in hobbies. Hobbies can be virtually anything – sport, fishing, gardening, knitting, gaming, fitness, cooking. 

Many people would love to take their hobbies and turn them into a business venture to escape the generic jobs they may be currently working. The issue is that most people think this isn’t possible. Moreover, they may simply not know how! But it is possible – the internet has allowed millions of people to share their hobbies with the world, and make a business from doing what they love! We look at how this is possible below. 

Step 1 – Identifying if your hobby can be turned into a business venture?

First, you must look if it is possible to turn your hobby into a business. While most hobbies can be monetized in some way, some are better suited for business ventures than others.

Think about your hobby. What is it? What industry is it part of? How would your hobby translate to a business? For example, would you create an online store and sell the things you create? Or would you create a blog to share your hobby knowledge with others? This is the starting point and it is vital to understand HOW you will turn your hobby into a business.

Step 2 – Choosing a platform to start your business – blog, website, YouTube channel?

Next, you must consider what platform(s) you will use to create your hobby business. One of the most common methods is to create a blog and monetize it with advertising and affiliate links. Alternatively, you could create a website dedicated to your hobby, or an online store. 

Many website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Shopify have tools for blog creation, and for creating online stores. Alternatively, you may decide to great vlogs or video content for your hobby. If so, a YouTube channel could be the way forward.

Step 3 – Creating branding for your new hobby business

Once you have chosen a platform, you can create cool branding for your business. Even though you are promoting your hobby, you can still create a brand so that your business stands out and has an identity.

There are many free tools online for branding. For example, LogoCreator is an online logo building platform. You can use this to make a professional logo for your business in minutes! Alternatively, platforms like Adobe Spark are great for choosing color schemes for your branding and creating marketing media that you can use to promote your new business.

Make sure that the branding is exciting, but also reflects the hobby, and reflects your personality. 

Step 4 – Creating content for your new business using your insider knowledge

You have chosen a platform, and your branding is on point. Now you must actually create content and start building your hobby business! This depends entirely on the platform you have chosen, and the type of business.

For example, you could start writing and publishing blog posts. Alternatively, you could start adding product listings to your online store. Moreover, you may want to start recording vlogs or hobby tutorials to help others.

The key is to make the content interesting, exciting, and engaging. It is also important to pour your knowledge and love for the hobby into your content. That will help make your business more useful to others. If you pour your personality and passion into your business, this will also help boost your reputation and show that you are a hobbyist that customers can trust!

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