How to find your life purpose now.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

your purpose


your purposeThe Berges DNA Cheek Swab Test for Purpose is effective 99.9% of the time.  Going through life without knowing your true purpose is compared to jumping off a ship, in the ocean, on a stormy night in choppy waters without a life jacket.  Your purpose provides understanding and the meaning into your life and provides you the answer to why you are here on Earth, at this time.


Your purpose is both unique and different from anyone else’s purpose.  I realize this is an extremely new and innovative way of recognizing and understanding what purpose truly is.  It hasn’t been acknowledged before, but I’m going to acknowledge the inherent truth.  Your purpose is the only pursuit that others cannot possess. I realize this is an extremely new way of thinking.  However, your purpose is the only thing another person cannot and will not possess.  This clearly is why your purpose and you finding your purpose is so important.  Because of its importance lets not waste any time finding it!


your purposeBegin the Berges DNA Cheek Swab Test for Purpose by returning mentally to your childhood.  Around the age of 5 or 6 you begin to find your unique personal interests.  These interests are indigenous to you and give your life more personal meaning.  You fell in love with these interests at a formidable age.  You were both inquisitive about them, and you took a deep interest in the learning process around this particular subject matter.  Mentally retuning to your childhood is the formulation to remembering and locating needed clues to finding your true purpose.


As a child, you had little to no responsibilities.  You weren’t paying bills, raising a family, working, etc.  Instead, you were being a kid.  In these formative years, you figured out what you loved and inherently what you weren’t interested in.  When you begin to grow up and get ready for college and the job world, your parents, family, and friends tell you what you should be doing to be successful.  You hear it from your family as they tell you what didn’t work for them, and how it won’t work for you.  You eventually find middle ground or you do what you think you have to do to pay the bills and to ultimately make your family happy.  Usually making others happy and not yourself is the first long leap away from your true calling/your purpose.


life purposePart II: Berges DNA Check Swab Test for Purpose begins with you examining what bugs you and gets on your everlasting nerve, when it comes to seeing another person performing a job, acting in a capacity of a career, or pursuit and you’re seeing all of the things they are doing wrong.  You see everything they are doing wrong and you know how they can do it better.  As you watch them over a period of time you end up getting more disgruntled.  Instead of realizing, the source of your anger is ultimately connected to your purpose, you avoid the person or persons and by doing so you inherently push your purpose farther away.


How to find your life purposeWhen you’re watching a film, you see the Mise-en-scene and how you could shoot the film differently to create a more brilliant and relevant perspective.  You’re observing a photographer, you sense a better focal point, you’d add various shadows/lighting, and you identify a curious depth of field.  You’re enrolled in a class and realize how the information could be taught, and more importantly how the teacher could more effectively interact with the students.  All of these examples ARE NOT things people think about when they DON’T want to do something.  You contemplate this deeply when you have a love for it.  For example:  You may have ideas on how something could be better, but you’re not thinking about how you could do it better.  BIG DIFFERENCE!  How something could be theoretically better versus how you could do it better are two distinctly different things.


Finding your own purpose has never been easier and more effective than right now!  The Berges DNA Check Swab Test for Purpose cuts right through the mental grease and gets to the heart and soul of the matter.  Happy Findings 🙂


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