Effective Communication: Are You in a Holding Pattern?

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Are you in a holding pattern?

Unique Life journey

Your individual life journey differs from all other’s life journey.  This life journey of yours is individual and unique to you.  Everything about us as an individual is unique.  The way we think, the way we speak, the way we breathe, the way we love, and the way we are/be are all different for all people.  We luckily share some similarities with others and consequently make friends sometimes based on those similar ideas, theories, and or behaviors that others possess to a degree as well.  We as humans and individuals on this earth are always striving to meet others that evoke a similar feeling and or an understanding nod in our direction.  We thrive on getting our ideas across and creating a feeling within others that inspire them to feel the same with regards to certain concepts and subjects.


As well, we thrive on being the first to come up with something and the first to figure out a problem.  In order to stay unique and yet understood, we as individuals must speak with dedication and thought to help others understand where we are coming from and where we are going.  In order to do just that, you have to concentrate sincerely on what you are aiming to get across to others.


Our journey is etched with feelings of understandings and misunderstandings.  You have been in situations that felt as if everyone around you is on the same page and you have been in similar situations where no one understood you, leaving you feeling out of place and wondering where you belong.  The human condition is both beautiful and somewhat flawed.  The unique characteristic of being an individual and not a cookie-cutter is wonderful but filled with a tinge of isolationism.  Even the people that understand you most of the time don’t understand you all the time.


Remember, your ideas are only as good as how you communicate them to others. 


With that in mind, the communication of the idea is just as important as the idea its self.   How do we communicate effectively and clearly for others to understand?


  1. Don’t assume that others know what you are speaking about?
  2. Speak with clear speak and at a healthy tempo, not to fast, not to slow.
  3. Know your audience and speak accordingly.  There are certain subjects for certain audiences.
  4. Listen when people speak so you understand where others are mentally and emotionally coming from.
  5. Don’t leave out needed information and work at speaking in a chronological manner, stating events as they happened instead of going across all spatial time and place.

Better life journey with effective communication

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