Did you get lucky or are you unlucky with regards to the family lottery?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

For the most part, the majority of us grow up in a household with a mother and father. Some of us have sisters and brothers others of us are the only child. Throughout our childhood, we experience things, are told things, and hold onto things that either set us on to a path of success and greatness or a path of disfunction and despair. When we’re children, we look up to our parents no matter what, they are bigger, the stand tall and shadow us and they are holding us, the infant. We have an automatic sense of loyalty for them and we look up to them, our society tells us we should respect our elders and they don’t stipulate who and why, just we should. And for the most part I’m keen to that however, I feel we should respect each other no matter age.

One thing we aren’t taking into consideration is the soul entering the planet in the form of a newborn baby and how that soul is just as powerful as the adult that is holding them. I feel as though “the family” should be more of a collective, learning from one another, not stipulated by age but open conversation to inspire and allow for a thoughtful soulful collective. I feel if the perceived balance of power was different and augmented to allow children in the equation, our world would be a better more authentic place. Their are countless reports on children, just barely able to speak in sentences reliving accounts of past lives, past journeys and past families. This tells us that the soul is on a forever journey and that children, young children, are closest to the source when they are born. Do I feel you can reconnect with the source? I do, I feel we can work on a soul level to reconnect, being mindful every moment possible and living in the moment not the past or the future. The ability for children to recap a past journey with such precision reveals we have much to learn from the children entering our families and our ages should be something we dismiss and realize is just a “number” with really no meaning.

The family dynamic as a collective would be a group, family, where everyone respects one another, allowing all to speak, to listen, and to learn. I feel many of us are in/were in families, where your options and thoughts didn’t matter and you may have even been told that you are worthless and lessor than giving you a negative thought process of yourself. This negative thought process is caused chaos in your life, triggering you to feel helpless and hopeless in the world you live. Our families were given extreme power to either co-cultivate a healthy and happy being or an unhealthy and sad being, some of us got lucky and others of us didn’t, it almost feels like the lottery. I feel we all learn something or many somethings from the situation/family we were dealt and if managed properly we will thrive. However, many of us don’t manage it properly, we turn the anger and resentment into and on ourselves, attacking and cutting ourselves down as often as possible.

It’s your life, a life worth living, but in order to live YOUR life worth living, you will want to shed the negative thoughts that no longer serve you about yourself. You may have been unlucky with the family lottery but you owe it to yourself to find acceptance within your self. When we look for acceptance outside of ourself we get let down, we feel alone, and we don’t feel whole or solid. The family, when it’s not healthy, puts us in a place of need, feeling under valued and overwhelmed. Within the family lives codependency and unhealthy cycles that we must put an end to, in order to thrive by cultivating unconditional love for ourself with the help of understanding self-acceptance. When we stop looking for acceptance from others including our parents, and go within to find that self-acceptance, we begin to find a true love for ourself that can only grow from within. You owe it to yourself to tap into that life force energy and fuel your internal flame. (Something to think about: What if we chose the life we were born into prior to arrival? Would that mean that we are here to learn life lessons that could only be learned by “not” winning the family lottery? I’ll expand on that next time…

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