Are you happy? Wish #3 Part B continuation: Career, Life Success, and Experience

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Are you happy?

Wish 3 Part B Continuation:The Journey

At this time, time travel is not available to us to go back and change the course of history and for many of us the things that “got in our way” made us who we are today.  Real life and real living is a truly essential part of life.  Without the school of hard-knocks, many geniuses wouldn’t have been created.  When we look at the path we took with love and understanding, we remove the anger and disappointment and replace those with desire and determination.  Questions to ask yourself:  Would you be you without that education?  Did those experiences shape your life?  Do you think, had you been on the career track at a young age, would you have picked the right path?  Did your life experiences show you your destiny and allow you to know solidly and without waver what you truly love to do and what you are truly good at?  And by the way, who says you aren’t exactly where you need to be?  Why do we judge ourselves against others when it comes to success both with regards to career and monetary?
There is no time like the present to pat yourself on the back, push back the voice of dysfunction, and jump into what you love.  Years ago, I wrote a reality show titled: Dream Job.  The concept is that people are selected to come on the show based on their applications and the show would line them up with someone doing what they want to do and them learning from a successful mentor.  For example:  One of the contestants has been working a job they dislike for the last 20 years.  Their dream above all others is to be a gourmet chef.  They know how to cook, they have the skill set, and they just need some formal training, training from a mentor that is a world-renowned chef, and the financial ability to leave their current job.  The show supplies all that and more and when the contestant comes on for the first episode, they begin formal culinary training and meet their mentor: Wolfgang Puck.  Throughout the learning and the polishing of skills process, the contestant goes through a metamorphous of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  For the first time he is doing what he loves, this is both wonderful and scary.


Getting out of our comfort zones no matter how uncomfortable can be difficult and stressful because of the unknown.  In order to do greatness, one must believe in him/herself.  If you believe in yourself it will show and others will believe in you as well.  This is the first step to achieving your life’s goals in every area of your life.  The next step is preparing your self with the knowledge and experience you need to make this work smoothly and dignified.


You don’t need to be on a reality show to change your life.  Instead, you must believe in your self and your ability and put your self out there.  In reality no one is truly Behind the 8Ball.  Instead of spinning those could haves, would haves, and should haves throughout your mind 24/7, use that time to develop your life plan and take time everyday to get closer to your goals.  Even if you work and have a family and children, you can take time to get closer to what you truly want to do in life.  Regret is the only thing you receive when you don’t make time for your self and follow your dreams. The feeling of Being Behind the 8Ball can be removed with doing things that get you closer to achieving your goals and career/life desires.  Regret on the other hand can’t be removed and lives with you forever.  Trying and not achieving something is one thing, not trying and never knowing is another.  When we try and work towards a goal and it doesn’t work, try something else and keep plugging away, you will eventually succeed and this work will pay off.

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