Are you happy? Wish #3 continuation: More Time and the Bigger Better Deal

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Are you happy?

Wish #3 Continuation:

The BIGGER BETTER DEAL scenario is the one that plaques many adults.  The BBD is the concept of being in one place and wanting to be somewhere entirely different.  The BBD is the reason why most people won’t RSVP for a party because they are holding out for something better.  In life, in order to have a rich life, we must make commitments no matter how big or how small.  Many of us have made the commitment of marriage but on the same token can feel hard pressed to pick one party over another in fear of missing something. Wishing to be somewhere else

In order to begin creating richly colored memories, we must start with a positive and present moving canvas.  How do we do this?


  1. Begin by making small commitments.  If you receive an invitation to a gathering via email, Facebook, or US Postal service, make a commitment based on what you like to do, not based on who’s going to be there and what magazine is covering it.


  1. Send in or reply to the invitation immediately, write the event on your calendar, think about the event in a positive light, and then let it be until you are there.


  1. Remember to stop looking forward to things.  When we look forward to something, we tend to stop living in the present.  You can be happy about an upcoming event but don’t put any more stock into it.  Remember expectations are not our friends, for the most part, they cause us to be less happy and less able to have fun because we expected more and better.


  1. Attend the event you RSVP for and be content with being there.  Being content means that you don’t want or wish to be anywhere else.  In order for most of us to demonstrate contentment, we must put the phone on silent and put it away.  The phone is the single-handed device that takes us out of being in the present and stimulates us to think about the past, the future, and for sure the BBD.  It’s interesting how you can attend an event or a dinner and have a fabulous time when you are in the present co-creating with others instead of watching it pass by while you are on the sidelines.  Being content with where you are and with whom you are with is 80% of the battle.


Household Contentment vs. The BBD:

We can use this same philosophy in our day-to-day world.  Instead of going through the motions, you are an active creator for your life and your world.  Understandably every night is not a party and for the most part, many of us eat dinner at home on the weekdays, watch television/movie, and prepare for the following day.  These evenings too can be memorable and fun by putting the contentment factor into effect.  Be content about being at home and eating at home.  Be involved in the conversation at home and work to distance your self from the cell phone.  Many times when working on household contentment, it can be more difficult when friends are calling about going out and drinking, etc.  Until the level of realizing that you make the party and you aren’t missing anything has been obtained, put some distance from you and your phone, perhaps charging it on silent in another room which will help with the BBD scenario and will make it more challenging to constantly check.  The hope is that eventually the need to check the cell phone every five minutes or more slows down and eventually stops because you find contentment and you realize that you really aren’t missing anything.

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