7 Signs that you are being Controlled by Her

This post was written by Rhonda Wasserman

Original content by Ashley Berges

Many of us do not realize that we are in a relationship with a woman that is controlling us.

7 major signs indicate you are in a relationship with a controlling woman.

1.  She checks your phone constantly

Your significant other takes your phone and looks through your text messages to see who you have been texting. She checks your social media to see if you are direct messaging anyone. When you ask for your phone back they tell you, “if you are not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide”.

2.  They question your word

They are always asking you questions causing you to over-explain. Ultimately, no matter what you say, they believe you are still guilty and continue to question you.

3.  She finds faults with your friends

She finds something wrong with almost all your friends. In front of them, she is very nice. When she is not with your friends, she makes negative comments about them to you. This creates a wedge between you and your friends in your eyes. Therefore, you push your friends back because your significant other does not want to be around them.

4.  Finds fault with your family

You begin to cut yourself off from your family because she speaks badly about them. Additionally, she uses things that you have told her about from your past against you, even if you have settled the issue with your family. Your significant other makes you feel guilty about spending tie with your family instead of her. As a result, you push your family away.

5.  Super Jealous

Your partner is jealous and criticizes how you act in public. It feels like you are always worrying about how she is going to interpret something you have done.

6.  No personal time

Personal time and space are hard to come by. When you try to take some time for yourself, they bombard you with texts and calls from them. Furthermore, when you are out with a friend, they constantly text you wanting to know what’s going on and when you will be home. It feels like the only person you can be with is her.

7.  Anger and outburst are used to control you

We don’t want to have someone carrying on in public. Therefore, we try to do whatever we can to calm them down and resolve the situation. We give into their needs, letting go of any boundaries we may have to calm them down. This results in a cycle of control. Anger is used to control you for them to get exactly what they want.  It is easier in the moment to calm the person down, but we allow them to walk all over us. 

There are a lot more signs of a controlling female in a relationship. These 7 signs are very important to bring into the light and make you aware of what is going on in the relationship.

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