What you should do if you’ve been victimized.

First Segment

Their is a sliding scale that each and every human possess when it comes to what is right and what is wrong.  Some of us don’t eat meat because animals have to be killed to eat meat.  Other humans wouldn’t think twice about murdering another human, where are you on this sliding scale?  Perspectives takes a hard look into the acts of REVENGE and MURDER with a real look into the Christopher Dorner escalating stand-off with the LA Police Department.  As humans we all have thoughts, feelings, and emotions but when do these stop being in the mind and become a violent act?


Second Segment

You have been victimized at one time, we all have, and when, if ever is it ok to plot revenge or murder another human being?  We as humans are registering on a sliding scale of consciousness.  What is right for one person can be completely immoral to another.  What is conceivable for one person could be reprehensible to another.  Where do you stand on the scale of consciousness?  Lets find out!

Third Segment

Sargent James Bristo joins Berges on Perspectives to discuss morality and the sliding conscious scale.  What do you think is right to do after you’ve been victimized.  When a person has been victimized by another, it’s difficult to determine what to do.  You first ask if the person knows what they did to you and why did they do this to me?  Closer and understanding is beyond important for the human condition and we humans need others to understand us.  Is calling them right?  Is plotting to hurt them ok?  What is right according to your moral internal scale?

Fourth Segment

What about gossip?  Is gossip malicious?  What level of consciousness are you at?  What do you do with your emotions?  Do you internalize and hold grudges?  Do you wonder if the other person even knows what they did to you?  Do you think they even get it? Why we hold a grudge and why to let them go now!  When someone has screwed you over, you need to make them aware of what you went through and let them know how you feel.


If you feel you are a victim of identify theft:  http://www.oprah.com/money/Youve-Been-Victimized-Now-What


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