The Truth about Miscarriage

181: The Truth about Miscarriage

When a woman has a miscarriage, her inner critic becomes a massive entity that sucks her into believing she is a bad person. The inner critic is her worst enemy by pointing out all the possible things she did wrong during the pregnancy. No matter what the father of the child says or does she is mortified and deeply depressed. Get the real story on how a woman feels going through the lose process.

If you or someone you know has gone through a miscarriage or gave birth to a child born with disease or birth defects, you will find solace, come to a deep understanding, and some listeners will begin to forgive themselves. 

Read Jayne Herring’s recent blog titled: I’m Sorry for My Fragile Heart on Real Posh Mom:

In this post, Jayne explains her feelings, sadness, and explains what women go through when they experience this internal battle.

If you’d like to read more, read “A Moveable Appetency”: Not all those who wander are lost and familiarize yourself with Jayne’s situation and her dealing with the pain that followed her last miscarriage:

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