The foods to consume daily to live a healthy and happy life.

First Segment

Guest:  Dr. Will Clower, PH.D., Nationally Recognized Neurophysiologist, Author of: “Path to the Mediterranean Life Style”

Berges, certified life coach and councilor, realizes the importance of the consumption of heart healthy foods.  Without quality proper foods for your blood type, you will grow with life coaching but not to your full potential.  The benefits of foods are vitally important.  Some foods can give you energy, make you more productive, and make you feel good inside and out.  Other types of food can stop you in your tracks, can rob your energy, and can even make you feel depressed or sick.

Second Segment

Dr. Will Clower joins Ashley Berges in discussing health and wellness.  When you eat bad fats, you get fat but some fats are good for you and help your body.  Is their a limit to good fats to ingest daily, like the avocado?  Overconsumption is something that can happen with any food.  We’re discussing emotional eating and why we emotionally eat.  What are the psychological reasons for eating?  Berges and Clower discuss the triggers that cause overeating.  Triggers could have begun in your childhood or just recently over a particular situation.  How to know when you have a food addiction.  We’re discussing the foods that help with depression.

Third Segment

We begin our 3rd segment with The Busey Minute.  What chocolate is the best chocolate for you?  We’re back with health and wellness and how chocolate is beyond good for your body.  Chocolate can lower your bad cholesterol and can illuminate tumors.  We’re discussing what sweets are best for you.  You train yourself what you love and what your taste buds like.  You can retrain yourself daily on what you like and make yourself healthier.  How to coach your taste!

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