Next time the unexpected happens, do this!

First Segment

#92: Next time the unexpected happens, do this!

“The unexpected offers you a chance, in life, to rise to the occasion.” aB

Joining Perspectives this evening to discuss their most recent unexpected life-changing situation is Steve and Derek Jenkins. Steve & Derek are the parents of Esther the Wonder Pig. You may have heard of Esther. Steve and Derek adopted Esther after they were told she’d only get to 40 pounds. Ester, now 400 pounds, has changed her family’s life forever. Listen to find out how both Steve and Derek have dramatically changed their life perspectives  all because of Esther’s influence.

Second Segment

Ontario residents, Steve and Derek, owners and parents of Esther the Wonder Pig, joins Perspectives to tell their story of the unexpected. Most people never get near a pig much less live with a pig, in the process you learn about the pig and you realize what you’ve been told your entire life is a lie, and you begin to learn and change your life perspective. Your entire life changes in this wild turn of events.

Third Segment

We know what happens when you buy a potbelly pig, it grows up, and you grow up in the process too.  What about when an entire group of people who were supposed to retire and leave the workforce with their 401K plan and their benefits, but the recession hits, they don’t retire, they stay in the work place, and an entirely new group of workers speaking a much different language, possessing a vastly different perspective, storm in? How do these two groups work together? There’s a communication breakdown across the board, the elders are angry, the youngsters are asking why, and no one’s happy. We’ve heard these references but what do they really mean? The Boomers, The Xs’, and Y’s, what do these tags mean? Petey Parker, corporate guru and coach to top CEO’s around the world, joins us live on Perspectives to help us with the unexpected while on the clock.

Fourth Segment

Listen to arm yourself with the 3 master tips for dealing with the unexpected. Throughout tonight’s show you’ve heard about the unexpected, and how each of my guests dealt with it, and how all of these unexpected events changed their life perspective forever. How do you deal with the unexpected? Is your mind open enough to see the big picture? Are you able to appreciate the things you may see as a burden?

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