Eliminate Expectations in your life now and get happy.

First Segment

Guests:  Jake Busey and James Rose

Humans tend to place expectations on everything to judge by precedent.  We rarely if ever enter a situation without making prejudgements and often find ourselves angry and unhappy.  When we set our expectations to high, we feel let down and upset about our experience.  When we place them to low, we are thrown off and jilted.

Second Segment

Now that we notice and realize we put expectations on everything, we can now begin working to change.  Ashley begins the discussion on why we want to eliminate expectations from our life and how to do it with ease and stress free.

Third Segment

James Rose and Jake Busey tell Ashley about expectations they’ve placed in their own life and how they’ve overcome them.

Forth Segment

Berges supplies you the straight scoop on how to get past the thinking mind and enter the mindful mind eliminating expectations.  After living like this for a few days you won’t want to go back.

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