How to understand and know what a person values in their life.

First Segment

Guests: Ashley Roberts, DFW CloseUp and Reporter for CW33 and Frederick Friedman

Weekly segments with Jake Busey and Cynthia Smoot.

We have different perspectives on everything because of our past, upbringing, family, and environment, all of which serve to morph the way we think, the way we see things, and the way we interrupt what we see.  How do you see life?

Second Segment

Tonight we’re journeying through several scenarios that will shine light into the personalities of people who join me on the show.  These scenarios give us information into the human psyche that allows us to understand life better.  This information can be extrapolated to determine the human thought process and individual perspective.

Third Segment

With the solicitation of perspectives, with any day-to-day scenarios, you can understand what someone values, what is important to them, and how they think.

A fun test to determine your perspective on life:


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