How to remove negative thoughts and have complete clarity.

First Segment

Guests:  Jake Busey and Dorothy Holdbrook 

Berges begins tonight’s show with the discussion and honest explanation of the broken record concept and how to know if you have a broken record playing in your mind.  When you have a broken record, you probably don’t even realize it!  This broken record will hold you back and keep you from ever being truly happy.  The negative self-talk you tell yourself even subconsciously will do immense damage to your physical and mental body.

Second Segment

Holdbrook joins Berges in the Perspectives studio to discuss with Ashley, how to make the right decisions in your life to create lasting success.  The Hear it, See it, Move it concept is introduced and explained.  Tonight’s discussion is concentrated on making the right life choices and how to know what is the right choices especially when it comes to choosing your friends wisely.

Third Segment

How are you sure you’re surrounded by the right people?  Easy life changing steps and tips to making your life grand.  How to recognize when negative thoughts are taking over and how to rid your mind of negativity and self-sabotging behavior.

Fourth Segment

The Perspectives Rap UP:  The Concept:  The Hear it, See it, and Move it will change your life.  Are you the master of your own destiny?  Are you in charge of your own life?  Are you being supported?  Are you creating the life you want?  Are you always trying to safe other people?



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