How to keep true to your New Year’s Resolution.

First Segment

Guest:  Barry Carpenter from CW33 NightCap

Barry and Ashley discuss a joint project airing Tuesday@ 9PM CST on CW33, February 19, 2013.  This segment dives directly into successfully keeping true to a resolution made for New Years.  Many people make a New Years Resolution to lose weight on January 1st, but by mid February they have given up.


Second Segment

This segment is gives listeners the real tips and tricks from the pros to sticking with a New Years Resolution.  If you’re having a difficult time keeping your New Year’s Resolution, then this segment will speak directly to you!  If you’re listening and a friend is having difficulty, after listening, you can help your friend stick to their resolution.

Third Segment

Cynthia talks with Ashley and gives the 411 on the Texas Report.

Fourth Segment

Perspectives also begins its slow dive into the pool of MANIPULATION, what types of manipulation exists, how to know you are being manipulated, and how to deal with it appropriately on a case by case basis.


Watch CW33 NightCap News with Barry Carpenter, Ashley Berges, and Bill Barnett:

Watch Berges with her tips for keeping your New Year’s Resolution: 



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