How to get your personal power back in an apathetic society.

First Segment

Guest:  Jake Busey

West Nile mosquito spraying and the implication of other injunctions by uneducated law makers.  Actions that are taken with no thought of the outcome.  How to stand up and fight for what you believe and know to be true.  How to educate yourself against just being told what to do.  How to not be pushed around!

Second Segment

How to stand up to uneducated decisions and inspire others to stand up for what’s right!  How to get rid of apathy in your life and stand up for what you believe in.  When you realize you’ve lost some of your personal power, you can get it back quickly.

Third Segment

What you can do to change your role in your community.  You can be a louder voice in your community today.  Action is important in life but what action is the best action and how to successfully implement the action.  How to stop being to busy to make life good.  How to make well thought out decisions and stick to them.

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