Go back to your childhood to find your purpose now.

First Segment

Guests:  Billy Blair: Actor, Producer, Musician, and Planet Earth Citizen + J.R. Atkins with the Perspectives PULSE + Bill Barnett. 

Perspectives with Ashley Berges continues the Perspectives Purpose Series.  You will find your true purpose by mentally returning to your childhood.  In childhood, all of us fell in love/found our passion in life.  However, as we get older we allow “society” and what’s right or what’s easy to get in the way of our true purpose.

Second Segment

Joining Perspectives with Ashley Berges in studio, Billy Blair.  Blair is known for his roles in The Last Stand and Machete.   Machete Kills and Sin City:  A Dame to Kill For, will debut shortly.  With several films in the hopper, Blair equip with an awesome life perspective, were able to discuss projects, perspectives, purpose, and YOU.

Third Segment

The Perspectives Pulse kicks it up a notch on the Purpose Series.

Fourth Segment

Ashley tells you how to go back to your childhood mentally and emotionally and find your true purpose.  Your true purpose is hiding in your childhood, you just need to uncover it before it’s too late and too much regret.


Learning simple meditation can help you to return to your childhood and find your true purpose, true calling in life:  https://www.ashleyberges.com/you-meditate-everyday-you-just-dont-know-it-yet/

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