First Meeting Reveals All

125: First Meeting Reveals All

Communication is of the utmost importance to understanding others and for others to understand you. On tonight’s show we’re exploring the first meeting. When we meet someone for the first time, it’s the first meeting, and throughout the first meeting you learn everything. You learn their likes, dislikes, and their general thought process on life. If you’re intuitive or just hyper observant you can learn all you need to know, at the first meeting. Surprisingly most people do not remember where they met someone much less what took place at the first meeting. Listen to Perspectives and leg up when it comes to understanding the human condition, lowering your chances of waisting time with people antithetical to your life, and begin to put yourself in the right place at the right time.

Featuring Ashley Berges, Morgan McKean, Eric Moore, and Bill Barnett

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Every so often, while progressing along life’s journey, we meet a true kindred spirit, someone who shares, or resonates with much of our perspective on how to best navigate the human experience. And, while as an Intuitive and Empath, I am often blessed to meet people who are “ready” for my message, it’s not very frequent that I connect with someone who ‘speaks my language’ quite like my guest, radio show host and master life coach, Ashley Berges.

Part contemporary philosopher and part messenger of truth, in addition to hosting “Perspectives,” a national radio show that features proven philosophies that reveals the light amongst us, Ashley is the author of three books, her most recent being “The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life.”

And, while I could go on to list all of her accolades, which is impressive to say the least, the thing that makes Ashley stand out from the crowd, at least for me, is her sincere commitment to authenticity. In speaking with Ashley, it is very clear that not only can she share key insights and techniques on how to lead your best life but, she walks her talk… which is why I’m excited to share her ‘perspective’ on “Fabulous Living” with you today.

MM :: You host a nationally syndicated radio show called “Perspectives.” What is the main purpose of the show and what inspired you to create it?
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