Eliminate regret and frustration from your life today.

First Segment

Perspectives takes a real look into REGRET and FRUSTRATION.  Regret and frustration are two states of mind, in which most if not every human has experienced or is currently experiencing in their lives.  Tonight’s show blasts the spotlight on both of these states.

Second Segment

In the process of spotlighting, we see regret and frustration honestly and are able to deconstruct both with ease.  If you want to eliminate regret and/or frustration from your life, then you can’t afford to miss this episode of Perspectives with Ashley Berges.

Third Segment

How to eliminate regret from your life and live life for the first time without burdens weighing you down.

Fourth Segment

How to eliminate frustration from your life and overcome the human condition of feeling frustrated with what you haven’t achieved.  You can see the goodness in what you do and never look back.  This show is a keeper for anyone wanted to get ahead and get to the next level in their life.

Read this on regret and frustration:  https://www.ashleyberges.com/here-are-the-tools-to-eliminate-personal-regret-and-how-to-know-what-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up/



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