Creating mistletoe NOT misery this holiday season.

First Segment

What are the 5 problem personality types?   How to deal with the 5 family and friend problem personality types over the holidays and throughout the New Year.

Second Segment

Understanding, how to accurately spot, and how to effectively deal with the constructive criticizer, the slacker, the cheerleader, the martyr, the passive -aggressor, and the over sharer.

Third Segment

Perspectives offers you the tips and tricks to staying calm, staying reflective, and staying sane this holiday and the whole year!

Fourth Segment

Cynthia Smoot gives Perspectives listeners the places to be in Texas this week.  Afterwards, Berges gives you all the tips and tricks to staying cool this holiday season and not falling into the games.  Ashley also gives you the tools you need to successfully deal with the 5 problem personality types.


More information on creating mistletoe and not misery:

Ashley Berges is Kalyn’s life coach on Big Rich Texas:




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