Build your life staircase and know the grass is not greener.

First Segment

Building the staircase to your unique life for the ‘road’ less traveled.  Tonight’s Perspectives creates the concept of the Staircase for your life.  Because each step must be built to your specification, you have to plan, have the proper tools, and live daily to achieve your life goals.  Ashley discusses the setbacks and the flow of creating your original life path.  Jump in and get perspective on this episode of Perspectives.

Featuring:  Johnny Knoxville interview from “The Last Stand” Red Carpet Film Premiere 


Second Segment

Bill and Berges discuss what the staircase of life is and how you build your own.  Each step must be crafted and handmade only by you and only for you.  We may see other’s lives and wonder why our life isn’t as cool, as fun, or as interesting.  When we do this, we have a tendency of getting off track and forgetting about our own staircase.  The grass is never greener and Ashley gives you the tools to overcoming fabricated greener grass.

Third Segment

Berges talks life, upcoming projects, and general perspectives with actor, producer Johnny Knoxville.  Out and About with Cynthia Smoot gives us the party perspective.

Fourth Segment

Ashley gives you her secrets to staying on your own staircase and not sidetracked.  Berges also shares her insight into seeing others’ lives as they are not that the grass is greener, because it never is!

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