Grass is Greener

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The New Series:  The Grass is Greener

We as humans have many issues bombarding us daily.  We have stresses and strains of the day, responsibilities, family, and our careers.  Throughout the ups and downs one thing stays the same.  That one thing is stays with us is the desire for something different, something new, or to have the life or the items that another has.  Throughout Perspectives Radio we discuss the strategy of building the staircase of your life.  As we build this staircase, we sometimes take time and admire our work and other times we look at other’s staircases.  As we look at other’s staircases, we see items/stairs that we may wish we had or were building.  We see someone that seem to have it all figured out and we wish to be them.

In relationships both friendship, romantic, and family, we deal interpersonally we each person while dealing with our own feelings, emotions, and personality.  Throughout our lives we have dealt with many situations some of which others have not experienced.  All our experiences go into our memory bank and create our way of thinking and the way we see  the world around us.  It is human nature to assume that others know exactly how you feel or why you see something a certain way.  We don’t always understand that explanation can help both parties.  Even if you feel you shouldn’t have to explain yourself it can still be beneficial in the outcome of the situation.  When people realize where you are “coming from” they can begin to act accordingly and be able to understand your logic.  Otherwise, without knowing, they won’t understand why you do what you do.  Not knowing why you did something leads to misunderstandings, difficulties in the relationship, and mistrust.

Because we are bombarded by media on a daily basis, we tend to want what others have.  A woman sees a supermodel and wants to be her.  Without knowing anything about that model, they would trade their life for the model’s.  We are human and when we see someone that seems to have it all put together or their life seems like the life we want, we begin to see the Grass is Greener on the other side.  Just like that cow that is in one pasture and cranks his head through the wood fence line to eat the grass off the neighboring paster.  We too are just like that!  We want what another has.  We think that what they have is better than what we have .

Individuals deal with the Grass is Greener concept and couples do as well.  Individuals see “others” doing the job we want, living where we want to live, or driving the car we want to drive and see that the “other” person has it better.  Couples deal with the same situations especially when it comes to marriage and the quality of their relationship.  We are competitive in nature and want our relationships to be the very best, the best romance, the best looking, the best communication, etc.

The Grass is Greener rears its green and ugly head often and so does our past relationship baggage.  Not only romantic relationships, all relationships and everything that has ever happened changes the way we react to anything and everything

Perspectives TV: Ashley Berges

Episode 1: The Grass the Greener

Perspectives with Ashley Berges, Grass is Greener

Episode #1: Actions, Attitudes, & Accountability


Actions, Attitudes, and Accountability


It’s midnight and the couples of Perspectives are spending time together after eating dinners prepared by their loved one.  In Scene 1, Matt and Kevin are spending time together watching TV and Kevin on his iPad. Matt lets Kevin know that more prepared food is in the kitchen. As Kevin goes to the kitchen, his phone begins ringing and texts begin to roll in.  It wouldn’t be a big deal except it’s midnight, and who would be texting and calling that late?  Matt wants to know!
In Scene 2, Allison and Bill are having a lovely evening until a few calls and texts change their smiles and sweet talk to anger and arguing.

We’ve all been here in one capacity or another…Watch and let us know what you would have done.

Perspectives with Ashley Berges, Grass is Greener Episode #2: Expectations Suck


Expectations Suck.


When we place expectations we usually get burned. Expectations are the things we place on everything and everyone that usually falls short of reality. If we begin to live expectation free, we will be truly free indeed!

Perspectives with Ashley Berges, Grass is Greener Episode #3: Love, Relationship, Marriage, & Compromise


Love,Relationship,Marriage,& Compromise.


The 3 Rules to keeping your marriage and/or relationship happy and rewarding.  If you are entering a new relationship or have been married for 10 years, this episode of the Grass is Greener is a must see.  Watching this 2 minute video will change your life, better your relationship, and prevent arguments from taking place!  The arguing time you will save will make this video a time and life saver.  Jump in, the waters warm, and there’s a swim up bar always at Perspectives TV.