Expert Life-Coach Ashley Berges Delivers Powerful Message about Freedom from Defining Yourself by Negative Self Talk and how to ‘Live Your True Life’ at TEDX TALK

Sought-after syndicated radio personality and acclaimed author, Ashley Berges ignites the audience with her life-changing revelation that led her to pull herself out of a life of self-loathing based on the negative burdens she allowed others to place on her coupled with her own insecurities. At her TEDx Talk, the Live Your True Life PERSPECTIVES host motivates her viewers to discover how they can free themselves from negative self-talk and go from self-loathing to self-loving.

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“There came a time where I didn’t want to let go of my burdens because it had become the sole definition of who I was. It wasn’t until I accepted that we are all born pure souls that we can begin the transformative journey from hurting ourselves to helping ourselves,” Ashley Berges

Dedicated to advocating a powerful and practical perspective for people, Ashley Berges shares the necessary tools to create and elevate your true life. Highly regarded life coach, in-demand keynote speaker, contemporary philosopher, and the host of new digital TV Series, The Celebrity PERSPECTIVE. Berges is also the author of the celebrated books “Live Your True Life” and her latest “The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life,” the guidebook for busy people who want to make valuable changes to their life.

“I was born with a debilitating condition that wasn’t diagnosed until my late twenties. I judged myself because of my disease – not me.” She goes on to say, “Over time, we begin to focus on our flaws and we falter. It took me a long time to come full circle to love me for me. That’s when I began to ‘Live My True Life’ and realize my journey is to share it with the world and help others heal too,” says Berges.

Syndicated Radio Personality Ashley Berges Launches The Celebrity Perspective

Syndicated Radio Personality Ashley Berges Launches The Celebrity Perspective. The “Live Your True Life” host builds on her already successful network by adding her own iHeartRadio Station and a new show dedicated to revealing celebrity insights

“I am interested in what makes celebrities tick, how they strive to “live their true life,” and who at their core they truly are!”

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) May 03, 2016

The Celebrity Perspective is the latest creation from the mind of popular syndicated radio personality, Ashley Berges. The new show will be a weekly exposé of celebrities being real, uncensored, and will reveal unique aspects of the stars we see throughout our favorite films, most watched TV, and perfoming in our most loved bands. Airing on Thursdays during her regularly scheduled #LYTL Live Your True Life Perspectives Hour at 6pm PST across multiple platforms, including iTunes, Spreaker, Radio Monterey, Google Play, Stitcher, KLIF 570AM News (Dallas), the show will additionally air on her own newly acquired iHeartRadio Station.

“I am interested in what makes celebrities tick, how they strive to “live their true life,” and who at their core they truly are! This format shines both an entertaining and thoughtful light on our human connection, exposing the fact that we’re not that different from one another, which I hope our listeners will savor,” says Berges.

When she started Live Your True Life Perspectives in 2012, she would occasionally feature a noted celebrity that she found to be extremely interesting, and felt her listeners would get value from hearing how they strive to live authentically and true to themselves. Now branded as #LYTL Live Your True Life Perspectives, the show has more than 100,000 followers and listeners across multiple networks. After popular demand she has now made The Celebrity Perspective a weekly featured segment on her show and will record live on-camera in her Dallas studio when possible, or via call in as needed.

“I am delighted to now have my own iHeartRadio station that allows organic and original content to flourish, as it further enhances our reach to our ever growing #LYTL community,” says Berges.

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