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Life is always evolving and with evolution comes change. This change, within our lives, can be labeled ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ The way we react to the change is vital.

How do you view yourself?
The way we feel about our self directly impacts our life at our core. In order to truly love your self, you begin by clearly understanding why you do what you do. We have mental records that play over and over again in their heads. These records, if positive and full of life and love are truly a gift, however, most people possess a mental record that’s negative and self-destructive.

Start: We begin our work together by clearly identifying your mental record by utilizing several techniques for mental recall. Negative broken records are common and left alone without treatment can insure a life of pain and regret. I have created exercises to eliminate the mental negative record and replace it with one that will get you where you truly need to be.

Info: Broken records may be associated with upbringing, childhood, divorce, breakup, childhood interpretation of love, body weight related, career success or lack their of, and often these records go unnoticed. However, just because you don’t know of its existence doesn’t mean you don’t act or react directly according to your personal record. It has become second-nature and therefore a part of your choosing process for everything you choose or not choose for yourself. Once you become aware of your “view point” (negative record), you will begin to understand why you’ve chosen the life you’re currently living.

Benefits to working with Ashley Berges:
*Clarify your vision and life goals
*Identify old/lifelong habits and how to move past with success
*Confront your unconscious behaviors and negative thought patterns
*Illuminate your true life path
*Find your purpose
*Incorporate success model
*Pin point when you’re sidetracked and get you back on track
*Identify your true values and hold you accountable to live by your values
*Quickly spot roadblocks and pitfalls to your success
*Establish pure synchronicity in your life
*Find happiness in your life
*Positively move past a death in the family
*Embark on a new career path
*Eliminate old “records” and create positive lasting mantras
*Let go of your past and move into the present
*Identify the people and areas of your life needing change
*Discover abilities and talent you didn’t know you had
*Capitalize on your ability and talent
*Help you organize your thoughts to write the life book you always dreamed of writing
*Time management and goal establishing to help you achieve life dreams and goals
*Relieve post divorce
*Help you find Mrs. or Mr. Right though honest evaluation of your passions and desires
*LGBT therapy and coaching
*LGBT couples therapy and coaching

Do you feel most of your life is working? If so, we will tackle the areas of your life that need work and clarity. Unlike most therapists we don’t start from scratch. We begin quickly, at the source with ease and grace. I don’t believe in life-time treatment, 98% of my clients work with my for less than one year with occasional follow-ups throughout the year.

Career Guidance:
Career problems?
Haven’t found the right job, unhappy with your current career, or you feel that something is missing from your life?
We will work together to find your true life path, your purpose, and though our work, you will find your true calling.


Life is like a garden:
Your life is like a garden, you’ve planted the seeds for various facets of your life. Some seeds will germinate beautiful flowers and fruits of your labor as well as others won’t grow. We will look at the seeds that didn’t grow, understand why not, and fix the problem with a true solution. In the process of fixing the non-blooming areas of your life, we will continue to take care of the areas of your life which are blooming and thriving. We can’t stop tending the “garden” just like you can’t stop taking care of your life.

We’re not aiming for perfection because that is not possible, instead we are aiming for balance and balance in its self is perfection.

Sessions are usually one on one unless you elect for a family member or friend to be with you.

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