USA Radio Networks Discussing: You can create miracles too 7-11-20

Refocusing our life.
We got a lot going on and this year 2020 has been insanity.
In today’s episode, we’re talking about refocusing our time and energy when it comes to different aspects of our lives. Whether its politics, Facebook or the stock market or even losing friends because of a disagreement, it can be very challenging. Often, especially online, emotions can run high and arguments turn to heavy extremes. But as we all should know, nothing is black and white, usually, the answer is somewhere in between in the gray area. So the importance of refocusing is paramount especially when we get sucked into things that take us from our power position and make our lives less fulfilling.
Don’t miss Dan our resident historian shares a real-life story of a man who at the time was a large plantation slave owner, who has a change of heart and gives all his land to the slaves after he frees them from slavery.

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