USA Radio Networks Discussing: Passing Isn’t Final: For the Love of a Mother and Grandmother 06-13-20

Today we’re discussing being grateful and present, as well as the value of our female components in our life like our mothers, grandmothers, and female relatives. We oftentimes forget about what we’re grateful for and often we may take certain aspects of life for granted. In these tumultuous times, with COVID19 and unrest, we need to gain more clarity and more peace of mind. Join Ashley as she meets with best-selling author of the latest children’s book, “Angel Grandma”, Heather Lean. Heather discusses the conception of the book based on the loss of her mother and her husband’s mother. And she explains the desire to explain to her children how both of these women may have died but they are still with them in spirit and love. Later in the hour, Heather offers helpful tips to help parents talk to their kids about grief, death, and loss. This is a feel-good show that may reconnect you to your passed loved ones and create a reminder in your heart.

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