USA Radio Networks Discussing: LIFE, How to Live in Full Expression 8-15-20

How do we live in full expression? Many of us have gone through massive self-change and self-discovery as we live through unprecedented times with COVID19. Some of the aspects of our life we thought were important are not that important anymore. And some of the things we took for granted prior to COVID19, we don’t take for granted anymore. Jim Phillips life strategist and author of The Key to Life- Living in Full Expression, Ancient wisdom for a modern world joins Live Your True Life Perspectives to deeply discuss life, life’s challenges, the true meaning of purpose, the four pillars of life, and he offers us timely nuggets of wisdom to help us through challenging times. Later in the hour our resident historian and genealogist Dan Nelson joins us to tell us the history of the Goodnight-Loving Trail, how it got its name, and the purpose it was used for in the 1800s. This show will give you food for thought when it comes to life meaning and purpose, instead of looking for something, you will realize you have already found it!

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