USA Radio Networks Discussing: Did You Know You Have an Operating System and it May Need Updating. 05-13-20

Today we’re talking about programs! What are programs you say? Programs, much like a computer operating system, is what we run on every day. It’s the way we interpret our world and much of your personal program come from the way we were raised. However, programs can sometimes work against us. Like operating systems, programs can get slow and out of date, it might not fit in your life anymore but they still remain there until we deal with them. So on today’s episode ill be discussing programs, how they manifest in your life, and ways to recognize the programs that you don’t need anymore. Liz London, Sound Alchemist, is discussing the pineal gland activation, she is tuning forks to help us to hear the frequency to activate the pineal gland and to allow us to gain extra clarity in a tree grounding meditation. Dan Nelson our resident historian discusses the confederacy, union sympathizers, and Abraham Lincoln.

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