USA Radio Networks Discussing Actions speak louder than words: Safeguarding yourself from manipulators. 6-6-20

On today’s show, we discuss fakery. People pretending to act a certain way when they don’t. How to safeguard yourself from these people. We often take people’s word but when people try to manipulate you, words go straight out the window. During the show, we discuss what to look for and how to identify when someone is not being genuine. Whether you’ve been manipulated before or just want to safeguard yourself from someone in the future, you’ll want t tune in and find out how exactly to do that. In this episode, Dan gives us a glimpse of how life was like 137 years ago. He speaks about a man that survived on his own beating the odds. The man was a lieutenant who was a war hero but was captured and disarmed which was seen as shameful back then. He was then shot in the leg forcing him to use crutches but even with those odds he still managed to escape enemy capture not once or twice, but three times! Later on, Dan talks about how Dan shows us a glimpse of what life was like back then whether it was the ambulances of back then or how people Listen to the show to know how that went. Stay tuned!

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