USA Radio Networks Discussing: Find Empowerment in a time of Fear, Stress, Noise, and Confusion 10-31-20

It’s the noisiest time to be alive on the planet, between the election, fear of what’s going to happen, changes in our world, COVID19, the time change, and Halloween, we are facing a great challenge to focus on ourselves and to work to empower ourselves instead of feeling fear, anxiety, and small. We can not put our head in the sand and act like none of this is happening, however, we must deal with the news and noise effectively instead of ineffectively. How do we do that? How do we empower ourselves in these times? I’m offering the information to create a mission around the noise and allow that mission to help further your purpose in life. Finding a mission is directly related to what you are passionate about and what angers you most. Listen to the podcast and get information that can help and empower you at the same time. Dan Nelson our resident historian continues the true story of the Stag family, the kidnapping, and the reunion.

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