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What is Regret?

What is regret?   Regret is a verb defined as: to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, esp. a loss or missed opportunity). Synonyms for regret: verb: repent, mourn, be sorry, lament, and rue. Noun synonyms: repentance, remorse, sorrow, grief, and contrition.   How does regret feel?   […]

Regret: How does it feel? (continued)

Technique #2:  Don’t lose out like last time, so jump in head first to anything.   Many people use this technique because they don’t want to be on this side of regret so they jump into anything and everything without doing their homework.  Not wanting to feel regret is understandable but jumping into situations without […]

Are you happy? Wish #1: A Fun and Exciting Life

Are you happy?  When people ask others if they are happy, it’s an interesting question.  What does being happy truly mean?  I feel generally happy for the most part but in no way am I jumping up and down and yelling it from the rooftops.  I like to think that happiness is equated with contentment […]

Are you happy? Wish #2: Trading in Your Spouse

Are you happy? Wish #2: Some clients have voiced that they would ask for a new spouse or girl/boy-friend.  If a person is in a negative relationship i.e.: spousal abuse, etc, this is a different situation all together and will be addressed in a different manor.  For the sake of this reasoning, I speak of […]

Are you happy? Wish #3: More Time

Are you happy? Wish #3: The wish for more time, and the wish for beginning a career at an earlier age (wishing for success at an earlier age.)  The wish for more time is a shallow wish with an obvious answer.  The wish for more time stems from the fact that many of us, for […]

Are you happy? Wish #3 continuation: More Time and the Bigger Better Deal

Are you happy? Wish #3 Continuation: The BIGGER BETTER DEAL scenario is the one that plaques many adults.  The BBD is the concept of being in one place and wanting to be somewhere entirely different.  The BBD is the reason why most people won’t RSVP for a party because they are holding out for something […]

Are you happy? Wish 3 Part B: Career and Life Success

Are you happy? Wish 3 Part B: Several clients have voiced the wish for beginning a career at an earlier age and wishing success had come earlier as well.  This is the: could have, should have, and would have wish with regards to societal outward successes.  All humans understand the want and desire to choose […]

Are you happy? Wish #3 Part B continuation: Career, Life Success, and Experience

Are you happy? Wish 3 Part B Continuation: At this time, time travel is not available to us to go back and change the course of history and for many of us the things that “got in our way” made us who we are today.  Real life and real living is a truly essential part […]