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New Rules for Girls Night Out

For all the girls, women of all ages, whom go out with their girlfriends and have a much-needed night out, here are the rules (guidelines) to having a fantastic time and keeping everyone happy.  As most of you remember, Sex in the City ended before Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Hang w/ got popular.  Had this […]

How to effectively deal with the holiday blues.

Live Your True Life

How to effectively deal with the holiday blues. No matter the issue or situation, you can find joy and happiness this holiday season too!   Many people think of the holidays as a merry time of year for celebration, family, friends, and fun.  Thoughts of trimming the tree, spending time with loved ones, buying family […]

Meeting Kalyn from Big Rich Texas for the first time

Meeting Kalyn for the first time Life Coaching Session #1 Big Rich Texas Season #3   Scenes from the first life coaching meeting with Kalyn: Kalyn and I were meeting for the first time.  I realize that for some of my clients, in the beginning, they are a bit uneasy with the entire […]

Big Rich Texas Life Coaching

On Big Rich Texas, Kalyn, my client and I begin with discussing the here and now.  In order for me, the life coach, to understand what is occurring in a client’s life, I must obtain the information by listening with intent to my client on what is truly happening in their life, and the emotions […]