Business and Corporate Coaching

Business and corporate coaching are both powerful and responsible modes of action when you feel you are generating less success than you can.

The key to succeeding in any business is understanding how to utilize your business’s key asset, and its people/employees. Companies must evolve to survive and in order to evolve it must work with its employees and corporate culture to aid in its success. If you are ready to take your company to the next level and to succeed instead of just surviving, contact Ashley today!

In a company, employees work solo, with others, and simultaneously coping with their personal life. When employees work on their own they need to possess the drive & ability to accurately organize their thoughts, develop concepts, and logically devise it from A – Z with no help or push to get it done and do it right. Employees need to work as a unit sometimes and to effectively work together they must put aside their differences, dismiss office politics, find common ground, and organize the project directly with acknowledging and understanding everyone’s strength and ability. Remember: Just because an employee is at work doesn’t mean they are thinking of work. In order to have success as a business, the whole employee must be considered and balanced.

Ashley Berges coaches and motivates corporations with proven methods that provide the most success and best outcome for the corporation/employer and for the individuals/employees.

Motivational Speaking and Motivational Coaching Workshops:
Ashley Berges is available to speak to your group, business, and or corporation offering an entertaining and inspirational presentation tailored to each specific audience.

Whether you are looking for a hands-on office workshop, or more of a motivating message to your organization or event attendees, Ashley’s presentation will leave your group motivated, empowered, and ready to take on any challenge.

Sometimes the extra oomph needed comes from an outside source. Ashley’s motivational speech can be exactly what is needed to provide cohesion, understanding, and power within an organization.
Many groups, businesses, and corporations choose a workshop concept either half day, full day, two day, or weekend. Ashley will work directly with your company or group managers to understand exactly what is needed. With that knowledge, Ashley will meet with her team and create the exact workshop that will create, relate, and facilitate the needs and desires of the organization, bushiness, or corporation. By the end of the workshop, prior to the lasting motivational speech, your group/employees will be ready and willing to positively co-create and lead with success.

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