Are you happy? Wish 3 Part B: Career and Life Success

Are you happy? Wish 3 Part B: Several clients have voiced the wish for beginning a career at an earlier age and wishing success had come earlier as well.  This is the: could have, should have, and would have wish with regards to societal outward successes.  All humans understand the want and desire to choose […]

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Are you happy? Wish #3 Part B continuation: Career, Life Success, and Experience

Are you happy? Wish 3 Part B Continuation: At this time, time travel is not available to us to go back and change the course of history and for many of us the things that “got in our way” made us who we are today.  Real life and real living is a truly essential part […]

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Why didn’t they say hi? I know they saw me…

For the most part, when we feel out of place it’s due to our personal feelings and our blockages.  When we assume something about another person and even assume their feelings toward us, we create a fake wall between us.  That fake wall that we invent creates problems within the relationship and all relationships.  It […]

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Where did all the time go?

Lets get started…Where to start is an interesting concept…The best place is with the present and go from here.  In the present moment, I am writing this blog entry.  What are you doing in this present moment?  Hopefully, since you are reading this, you reply in your head with, reading your blog Ashley and why […]

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