You’re in a relationship with someone displaying the signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. You’ve spoken to your family and friends and the advice they offer concerning your relationship is extremely final and doesn’t resonate with you. You’d like to make the relationship work and you’re looking for solutions to do just that.

You may feel as though you have been speaking a foreign language, it seems your significant other doesn’t understand you. This master class will offer you clarity, understanding, and personal power.

Product Description

Why Can’t we Go Back to How it was in the Beginning? The old ineffective journey of going to others for advice and not getting helpful advice is over, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Throughout these coaching sessions, I’m going to provide insight and answers for you to understand your situation and relationship with clarity and understanding. More often than not, you’re interacting with their atmospheric changes and you’re not centering your thoughts and emotions on yourself, you’re basing your feeling of yourself on how they act towards you. Are you allowing them to take responsibility for themself? Or are you allowing them to judge you, question you, and to ultimately control you? This coaching series walks step by step through the largest concerns in the relationship. You will get a greater understanding into the way they interpret what you are saying, what you say versus what is heard. Most important you will gain knowledge and understanding into the choices that you have made, where they began, and how to begin to shift and eventually eliminate what doesn’t bring you happiness and peace. This coaching series will help you to understand your significant other and help you to understand yourself. 

Introduction – A Complete Overview of BPD Master Class Content.

Coaching Session 1 – Clarity To Understand the Relationship Dynamic: Why Can’t We Go Back to How it was in the Beginning? 
Coaching Session 2 – Red Flags, BPD, and Codependency.
Coaching Session 3 – Identifying Over-Explaining. 
Coaching Session 4 – Putting an End to Over-Explaining.
Coaching Session 5 – Are you Responsible for Everything? 
Coaching Session 6 – Public versus Private Persona.
Coaching Session 7 – Forever Ammunition. 
Coaching Session 8 – Pedestal, Devaluation, and Discard Cycle.
Coaching Session 9 – Guilt: The Massive Distraction. 
Coaching Session 10 – Isolation
Coaching Session 11 – Promises
Coaching Session 12 – Values, Ethics, Morals, and Beliefs 
Coaching Session 13 – Standing Your Ground
Coaching Session 14 – End the Cycle of Co-Signing on False Narratives
Coaching Session 15 – Consistency is Key