Life’s answers are in plain sight.

Throughout my years on this planet, I find we often overthink, overanalyze, and worry about the smallest things. We focus on things we can’t change and fixate on them until we feel paralyzed, unable to act, unable to feel, and unable to be at ease. It took me years to understand the difference between what […]

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The road we travel to overcome adversity

Throughout our life, we work to overcome adversity, to fall in love, to find purpose, we experience life’s sweet nectar and simultaneously work to overcome our past and embrace our present moment. Throughout our life, many of us feel as though we are running a race, a race that doesn’t end, a race filled with […]

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How to overcome shyness and meet new people

Most of us want to meet new people, and the idea of making new friends and possibly meeting the love of our life are compelling but it can be scary to put yourself out there. When we’re shy, we feel as if we can’t talk, feel like others are watching us, judging us, and we […]

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How Do I Know If They Really Like Me?

Relationships can be difficult to navigate, but consider these five signs when gauging a potential partner’s interest. By: Ashley Berges When it comes to dating, it’s easy to overlook signals from the other person. Because we’re close to the situation, we sometimes miss both the subtle and blatant cues of the relationship’s health and potential […]

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Are People in Dallas Fake?

Or is it all about our perspective and what we bring to the table? Our relationship pro tackles the question. By: Ashley Berges Cities have stereotypes when it comes to dating. My clients complain that people in Dallas are fake–that the girls are pretentious and the guys are rude. Others complain that it’s hard to […]

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Why Do People Cheat?

Our relationship expert shares the main reasons that people have wandering eyes. By: Ashley Berges 1. Looking for Something People have affairs when they feel as though something is missing from their life. Instead of looking within and pinpointing what they can work on, sometimes people look for outside solutions. Most people who have affairs […]

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How children, age 5-11, feel about Facebook and social media.

Do you know how children ages 5-11 feel about social media? In the last few months, I attending school open houses and career days in elementary schools and began each and every discussion, in the class rooms with the children, about perspective. I introduced the concept of what a perspective is by asking the students […]

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Is Romance Still Alive?

Romance in Dallas

It’s 2015. We’ve got Tinder. We’ve got Match. But do we have romance? By: Ashley Berges Life is distracting. Technology is supposed to make things easier, but a lot of times, it just makes us blind to anything that doesn’t fit on our cell phone screen. We all long for romance: that kiss in the […]

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Surviving the Breakup

We all have our own way of coping, but our relationship pro breaks down the different ways we break up.

We all have our own way of coping, but our relationship pro breaks down the different ways we break up. By: Ashley Berges For the most part, being dumped is a painful process to endure. Sure, later you may look at it as a godsend, however, at the time it’s the end of the world, […]

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Stop playing games!

How long do you wait to respond? Are you pushing people away? What’s up with that? By: Ashley Berges Often, we find ourselves in “stressful” relationships because we initially like the idea of being with someone. Because of this, we overlook initial deal breakers from the other person. We don’t ask questions or poke around […]

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